Advantages Of Physical Therapy


In today’s day and age, the majority of patients who are affected by many different chronic or acute conditions rely on physical therapy for recovery. There are many different reasons for this paradigm shift in medicines which, once solely relied upon the use of drugs and invasive procedures to rectify any condition. Here are some of the main advantages that you can expect out of opting for physical therapy.

You will be able to maximize your movement range

Physical therapy can help anybody that belongs to any age group. The great things about this treatment is that even through a simple remedial massage, the problem area can be greatly helped and will help the patient in turn, to expand their range of mobility if it has been restricted. The fact that symptoms of the condition such as stiffness, numbness and pain will also be removed or reduced meaning that the patient can begin to enjoy a normal day to day life.

You can be in more control of your recovery

One of the biggest factors that frustrate patients who suffer from post-op complications, accident based injuries or even chronic conditions is that they have no real chance to be an active part of the recovery process. Most often you will be prescribed medication and asked to take them on time with bed rest and diet and to let your body do the rest. In the case of physical therapy, because the patient is actively in control of their continuous improvements, they begin to see the changes positively that come with treatment and feel like they are in control and not the condition. This in itself helps patients recover faster. The fact that a chiropractor Melbourne works together with the patient is a huge plus point here. 

You do not need opioids

There are many risks that are associated with the consumption of opioids. Some of them include things such as depression, addiction and overdose. There can also be many withdrawal symptoms present when a person stops taking the medication as well. Even though these medications are actually a very appropriate and real part of treating many conditions, many of the larger bodies for health such as the CDC is advising on the usage of physical therapy and other alternatives in place of prescribed drugs fo pain management and other aspects.

You will not need surgery

Surgery is no longer the only option with physical therapy. For many, the prospect of surgery can be very daunting and such patients would wish to try and approach their treatment without the need for such invasive procedures. Here is where physical therapy really comes to the rescue in term of long term solutions and sometimes complete cure without the need to fear surgical complications.


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