The Pros Of Getting The Vaccine

The influenza is nothing like the ordinary flu or the common fever – it is a dangerous disease that can be easily transmitted and cause endemics, as well as cause hospitalizations and deaths. With the probability of catching such a dangerous disease, it is important to always take the vaccinations every year when the season arrives. Below are some of the main advantages you’ll gain from doing so:

• Reduces the probability of getting flu – the obvious intent of the flu vaccinations is to protect you against the flu. The shot is intended to protect you from four kinds of flu – two of the type A influenza and two of the type B influenza. Researches and studies have shown that taking a shot reduces the chances of catching flu by sixty or seventy percent.

• Is cost-effective – getting flu shots is in no way an expensive affair: it is normally free, or at most, the clinics will charge only a small fee from you. If you were to compare this with the fees you would have to pay for being hospitalized with the flu – which is actually quite common – you will realize how much of a cost-effective option this is.

• Protects you from other serious conditions – if you’re a person with a naturally weak immune system, or have chronic diseases, you should be aware of the fact that influenza can be serious enough to cause you hospitalizations, as well as death in the worst situations. Furthermore, when you have a weak immune system to begin with, the weakening effect further caused by the flu can cause you to develop worse conditions, some being meningitis, chest infections and seizures. As such, such people should take extra care to take vaccinations on a yearly basis.

• Prevents outbreaks – while the primary intention of the shots is to prevent you from catching the flu, the vaccinations for the flu actually perform another important function – they prevent outbreaks. By preventing even one person from catching the flu, the shots reduce the number of people who can transmit the disease, thus considerably lowering the probability of outbreaks.

• Reduces complications during pregnancy and the mortality rates among the elderly – amongst the people who face the most danger from the flu are the elderly – or those above sixty five years of age – and pregnant women. The elderly, as well as those with chronic diseases, are at a higher risk than normal people to die from catching the influenza. Vaccinations reduce this probability by at least eighty percent. As for pregnant women, the influenza can actually be very dangerous – it can cause premature labour, affect the weight of the new-born, or even cause still births and miscarriages. All these complications during pregnancy make it a very dangerous illness to catch when pregnant, which is why pregnant women should definitely take the vaccinations (and people around them as well, to prevent transmitting the influenza).

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