The Different Types Of Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic injections are growing in popularity among people who wish to have aesthetic work done. This is because it is a less invasive procedure than surgery. Surgery can be a scary procedure that can easily go wrong. It also has a considerable recovery time. Cosmetic injections, on the other hand, are a safer and less painful way to improve your appearance. These injections or dermal fillers Sydney at, are injected into the skin to create a smoother appearance. This is usually used to diminish wrinkles and other signs of aging that one might to remove. There are different types of fillers that can be used to create the effect that you want. Here is a list of the different type of cosmetic injections:

Hyaluronic Acid Injections
This substance acts as a bolster to your facial features that may have lost its firmness and plumpness. It also promotes the presence of water at the surface of the skin to make it appear suppler. The main purpose of this filler is to support the features of the face at a position they were located at previously. The advantage of this substance is that it is natural. It is actually found within the human body and is present in a large number of cells. Its congruence with the body’s natural functions means that you will be less likely to have an adverse reaction to it. The results from this injection or dermal fillers may last from several months to a few years. This differs from patient to patient. In certain instances, the continued application of hyaluronic acid may in fact promote the body to produce more natural collagen.

Synthetic Injections
In certain instances, the instillations will be composed of a synthetic material. This means that they do not occur in the body naturally. These substances, however, are biocompatible – while they are not natural, it is still safe to use in the body. One of the more common synthetic injections are PPMA. This material forms a small sphere beneath the skin to provide support for any facial features that might require it. The advantage of a synthetic filler is that is more likely to last longer than natural fillers. In certain instances, the results may, in fact, be permanent. To know more about lip enhancement Sydney, visit

Collagen Injections
Collagen occurs naturally in your own body. It is present in the second layer of the skin called the dermis. It is what keeps people’s skin looking young and healthy. As you age, the collagen that your body produces may reduce. This leads to signs of ageing. Collagen can be injected into your skin to lessen sun damage, reduce scarring, and provide fullness to your face. Collagen is available in both synthetic and natural forms. Collagen may last for a shorter period of time than other fillers. Many people, however, prefer it as it mimics the natural placement of facial features.

Autologous Injections
Autologous injections utilize the fat present in your own body. Here, the fat is removed from a part of your body that has an ample amount. This is usually the abdominal, upper legs, or buttock region. This fat is then purified and then re-injected into your face or other body part. As it is a part of your own body, you will less likely to have an allergic reaction to this procedure. Unlike other fillers, fat may last a longer time. It will not be broken down and processed by the body and so may be present for several years. Always remember to acquire the services of a qualified physician before you consider any cosmetic changes. You should also discuss with your doctor the various advantages and disadvantages of each procedure.

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