Hypnosis – An Effective Method To Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit which is quite difficult to give up.  Research says that Hypnotherapy is very successful in making smokers quit smoking.  Many smokers have successfully quit smoking through hypnosis.

Hypnosis treatment ensures that the smoker’s desire to smoke goes away forever.  This is achieved without any gum, patches or any drugs.   The smoker will feel good without cigarettes controlling his life. There is hypnotherapy weight loss in Perth as well in order to develop your personality. The cost of cigarettes is going up every day.  Now, this money can be saved and used for other purposes. A smoker, who gives up smoking, loses nothing but has everything to gain. The quit smoking hypnosis treatment helps the smoker to quit without any withdrawal symptoms.

It is a fact that many smokers want to quit smoking but as they are habituated smokers, even if they quit, they go back to it after sometime.  They often ask umpteen questions like – How will I be able to control myself from smoking a cigarette in times of stress?  I’ve already tried all the known methods like gums, patches, drugs etc. to stop smoking and have not been successful.  Will this be something better to help me quit smoking?  Is it possible to stop a lifetime habit? The answer to all these questions is stop smoking Perth with hypnosis which is a very effective treatment.

The nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive toxin that works like a neurotransmitter in the body’s nervous system that control dopamine which is the body’s natural pleasure chemical.  Hence, smoking is physically and mentally addictive as the dopamine affects the pleasure center of the brain.  This is the reason why it is difficult to quit smoking. Those who are addicted to cigarettes smoke at certain time of the day like early in the morning, during breaks at work, after meals and in times of stress.  While other methods to stop smoking only address the physical cravings, hypnosis not only cures the physical addiction of smoking, but also goes to the root of addiction and erases the ritual habit that is lodged in the subconscious mind.

On the first day of the treatment, a brief is given about how this treatment works and questions are answered to address any doubts that the smoker might have. What to expect after quitting, what are the benefits of being a non-smoker, what are the alternative strategies to manage them etc. are also discussed. The first session ends with a 20 minutes hypnosis session for relaxation. The second session is a one-to-one hypnosis based on information gathered on the first day to help you quit smoking.

The back-up session is done after 5-7 days after the first session and is optional.  This is to re-enforce that you are a non-smoker. This session can also be used to address your hypnosis for stress, weight loss etc. Guarantee is not offered as each individual has his own choice, and makes his own decisions. The hypnosis is done sincerely and with the best interest at heart. If you start smoking again, you can go back to a specially priced hypnosis session to quit smoking.

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