Health Tips For Soon-To-Be Moms

As soon as you know you are pregnant (in most cases) mothers become consumed with worries about their baby and go on a book-buying frenzy about the process of maturation, the labour etc. While not discounting or discouraging this, mothers should also care about their own health and happiness a bit more, especially since the health and happiness of their baby depends on the mother’s state of being. A malnourished and unhappy mother has little chance of giving birth to a perfectly healthy baby. Therefore, if you are pregnant, check out the following tips that will keep you healthy and happy during the pregnancy: 

Find a Partner-in-Crime

This can be a significant other, a parent, a friend, some other family member or a complete stranger like a doula, but every future baby mama should have a pillar of support behind her, not just for physical needs but for emotional support too. Some women go through pregnancy feeling blissfully cocooned in a golden haze of happiness, while others may alternate between fits of gloom and highs of joy. Whatever mental and physical state you’re in, it helps to have someone who will know what to say and do at any time you need. So find a partner who will be with you through the journey.

Get Proper, Professional Care

A good obstetrician is the key to maternity health. Although some doctors may push for unnecessary procedures or medication simply to increase expenses (and profit), most only care about you and the baby and will inform you of any dietary restrictions or supplements you require, like extra vitamins, folic acid, calcium etc.

If you’re not happy with the first Westmead obstetrician you channel, by all means switch to another; your pregnancy will last 9 months, so you better find someone you’re comfortable with. If you can’t afford one, there are centres and shelters for women that will find one for you for free. Don’t try to go it alone – these days, everyone needs help.

Indulge In Your Cravings

No one denies a mother-to-be her cravings, but this does not mean just food. Carrying a baby is hard so use this time to really indulge in things that make you happy (it might be the only time in your life you can do so without fuss). If you like long walks as the sun sets but usually can’t get out of the office, excuse yourself by blaming swollen feet, bathroom break, nausea etc. and take that walk. If you like massages but don’t have the time because of chores, dump them on someone else and go have a massage.Remember that the health and happiness your baby depends on you taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, so don’t feel bad about giving into a few cravings, even if they predate the baby bump.

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