Few Tips on How To Adorn The Baby Room When You Are Expecting


The anticipation of every mother and father-to-be, is always seen in the way they prepare for the coming of their bundle of joy. If it’s the second or the third child that they are expecting, they know what’s coming because they have been there before. But if you are a first timer, a little help from someone, by way of an idea or sharing of the experience would help you to have it all set. So here are some little things you could do to make the baby room look dainty and adorable. It will also help you ease your thoughts and enjoy yourself while making these arrangements.

Pink or Blue?

In other words, this is the clichéd way of asking if it’s a girl or a boy. Well thanks to the advancement of the modern medical technology you no longer have to keep wondering or predict on instinct. It’s just a matter of consulting your obstetrician in Sydney for an ultrasound. But if you want the gender of the baby to be a surprise and to keep it a secret till you yourself find out, spoilers just for decorative purposes would just be in vain. So if you have already found out the baby’s gender, the ‘pink or blue’ colour code could be used without a doubt.

Even if you know the gender of the baby but still want to use a colour of your own, you are more than welcome, so long as you pick a mild and soothing colour. This applies to those of you who want to have the surprise moment as well. Dr Adrian J Kwok will help you welcome your bundle of joy and take care of you. 

Prettifying the walls

Now that you have decided on a theme colour, you could have the freedom of applying it on the walls of the baby room in any pattern or design that you’d like. When people come over to see the baby, the walls are the first things they’ll lay their eyes on. A soothing colour on the walls, will give anyone entering that room a gentle feeling. You can also use that to let them know of the baby’s gender. You could also make use of some wall stickers, may be a border of marching ducks and rabbits playing trumpets and drums. These can be found easily online.

Pillows and bedspreads

A baby is the daintiest thing you’ll see in your entire life. It’s always safer to place the baby in a cot. The pillows and the bedspreads need to be in the calmest colours possible. The material they are made of need to be super soft and comfy.


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