Different Types Of Trolleys And Their Uses

Different types of trolley bags are available in market nowadays and they are designed for various purposes, like shopping, kitchen, luggage, folding models and layered hand cart.

Even a few trolleys are made especially for the sports personnel like golf and specialty beach. There are stainless steel medical trolleys available too and these are needed in medical centres and hospitals.

Trolley and its various forms used in hospitals and medical centres

Medical trolley is very much portable and these are used in transporting equipment, supplies and patients. Among all medical trolleys stainless steel medical trolleys are the most popular nowadays.

The many types of medical trolleys

Various types of medical trolleys are available in the form of crash carts, medical carts, isolation carts, anesthesia carts and mini carts. Generally medical cart is used to define medical trolley. Sometimes medical cart is used for transportation of medical devices.

Electrocardiography machine is used to transport medical devices. Anesthesia cart is reserved for administering and transporting anesthesia. Isolation carts are used by many health professionals for protecting themselves from isolated patient stretcher. Doctors need to leave gloves, gowns and other items while leaving isolation carts.

Manufacturers of wheeled trolleys produce different types of trolleys with or without wheels. Those manufacturers make hand trucks only for commercial purposes or for both business and home purposes. Most of the golf trolleys are controlled by remote and these are more convenient to use.

Many golfers prefer to use wheeled trolleys which are controlled by remote. They like to take this as an alternative option of carrying their golf bag or large cart. Golf trolleys have three wheels among which one is placed in the front and other two are placed in the back portion.

Beach trolleys have six wheels which are used for playing water craft like jet skis. The tires of the beach trolley are heavy and thick. But the tires of other trolleys are not so thick and heavy. The wheels of beach trolleys are designed to move easily over rocky and sandy terrains.

Folding trolleys are lightweight and easy to use. But folding trolleys are not designed for commercial uses. Luggage and folding trolleys have two wheels in back, a handle and a platform. Kitchen trolleys are generally made of wood.

Mini carts are also used in health care services. Mini carts also include single table containing wheels for placing food or wheeled poles to hold fluid bags. Nurses also use mini carts for transportation of medications here and there. They are allowed to administer medicines to many patients before returning to the dispensary.

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