Adoption Vs. Treatment

Many women and men in modern times suffer from some form of infertility. This could be partly due to genes or issues related to hormones. However, today most women seem to be having children at a much older age because it is common today for a woman to spend her high child bearing years concentrating on her career. It is the exact situation same situation with men in this modern day and age. In the past the average age for people to get married was sixteen or seventeen whereas today many people are seen to be getting married in their mid-thirties or late thirties, therefore biological children are not always an option for some of these people. 

Should you pay for treatment?

While some couples may pay big money for fertility treatments such as effective acupuncture fertility, ivf and other fertility treatments these treatments do not always work. In fact the chances of these treatment working are quite low with couples spending thousands of dollars only to find out that they are still unable to get pregnant and start a family. However at the same time there are many babies being dumped every day at orphanages without anyone to adopt them?

Most of these children often grow up at the orphanages because a lot of people do not opt for adoption due to the taboos surrounding it. In fact while people are spending thousands on treatments such as acupuncture fertility there are children who live in orphanages who are wishing with all their heart and soul to someone would be kind enough to take them home bring them up and give them a life.

The sad truth is that much of this money that is spent on these treatments could be spent on giving one of these children a better life. In fact if you were to spend the five thousand dollars on fertility treatment think about what a difference five thousand dollars could make in the life of a child that has been neglected and dumped by their biological parents. You could take that child from nothing and raise them correctly and give them a good education at a good school to make them a good citizen and someone that could help the world one day as opposed to if they grew up in an orphanage without any education they will end up exactly where they are today with no future, no money and no prospect of a job. You have the opportunity to take them out of that rut, build them up and integrate them back in to society.

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